World Ozone Day is being celebrated today

The International Day for the preservation of Ozone Layer is being celebrated on Wednesday since this day focuses on children's health as children suffer most from the effects of ozone depletion and are most vulnerable to the harmful exposure of the ultraviolet radiation by Sun rays.

16th September has been celebrated as the International Day for the preservation of the Ozone Layer since the Montreal Protocol was signed on this day in 1987 by numerous countries concerned about the depletion of protective ozone layer around the Earth.

The essence of this year's theme - the world uniting around one environmental cause, the protection of the ozone layer is intended to celebrate the fact that the Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol are the most widely ratified multilateral environmental agreements to date.

FD High School in Juhapura is celebrating this day with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has sent more than 100 kits for their celebration while the Pune Environment Committee has sent more than 200 kits containing information, posters and games to spread awareness of the ozone layer.

These kits have been distributed amongst the students.

"The World Ozone Day celebration reiterates our commitment and offers us an opportunity to focus attention on the protection of the ozone layer. Each of us can help to prevent further damage to this precious shield given to us by nature," said Gena M Hussain, principal, FD High School.

The Montreal Protocol has led to a drastic reduction in the release of ozone-depleting substances globally.

The ozone acts as an atmospheric shield protecting all forms of life on Earth from the danger of excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

India ratified the Montreal Protocol on 17th September, 1992.

"As the ozone layer continuously depletes over time, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation that reaches the Earth will continue to increase, until the ozone layer is stabilised," said a senior official of the Gujarat Science City.

At the celebration at FD High School, a unique and informative game has been designed for the children, which teaches them the dangers of neglecting the ozone layer through a game of snakes and ladders that has emerged as a huge hit among the youngsters.

"Children should be taught from a young age about such issues and only then can they realise the importance of the ozone layer and other nature's gifts," said Yusuf Khatombra, the eco-club coordinator at FD High School.

Children suffer the most from the effects of ozone depletion, as they are most vulnerable to harmful exposure of the ultraviolet radiation in the sun's rays

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