Jet Airways sacks 3 more pilots, govt explores invoking ESMA

The entire Jet Airways service network was badly crippled on Tuesday with the cancellation of almost 200 flights as 40 per cent of its pilots went on mass sick leave and the management of the private carrier hit back by sacking three more agitators.

As the pilots body National Aviators Guild (NAG) decided to continue their agitation, the Bombay High Court passed a restraining order against the agitation while the government began exploring the possibility of invoking ESMA against the striking pilots.

A total of 163 captains (pilots) and 198 first officers or co-pilots reported sick, disrupting flight schedule as almost 200 flights, including 32 international, were cancelled affecting about 15,000 passengers. The agitating pilots represented nearly 40 per cent of the total strength of 760.

Meanwhile, Jet Airways has cancelled 31 domestic and international flights, flying out from various cities on Wednesday, after its 350 pilots went on a mass sick leave in protest against sacking of two pilots by the airlines management.

"Due to the continuing operational disruption, some of the flights scheduled to operate on 9th September stand cancelled," a Jet Airways spokesperson said in a statement.

"Jet Airways regrets the inconvenience caused to its esteemed guests and seeks their understanding and support during this difficult phase," the spokesperson said.

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