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It is such a shame that even after the many accidents that we have witnessed and the numerous lives that have been lost, we can still afford to drink and drive. You should ask yourself what you would do if your loved one was in a car accident because of a drunk driver. How would you really feel? In the same way, it cannot be emphasized enough, do not drink and drive. If you really have to drink and travel then get a designated driver. If not, there are taxi companies that have services where they drive you home safely and then drive you back in the morning to get you car at no extra cost. What more do you need. If you are caught drinking and driving, contact your phoenix dui lawyer . A dui lawyer is supposed to represent you in a court of law while you face this charge that has been brought against you. He or she is supposed to prepare a defence by conducting an investigation to authenticate the machines that were used to conduct the test that proved that you were not sober. If such a machine is faulty then there is proof of reasonable doubt and the charges should be dismissed. The advantage of this is that you will not have a criminal record. Some of the compulsory punishments for those found guilty include mandatory counselling for substance abuse, an increase in the amount that you pay in premiums to your insurance company and a possible suspension of your license. The AZ DUI Team is one of the best teams where you will find competent and experienced lawyers. With the number of wins that these lawyers have under their belt, they are the kind of people that you need to represent you at your dui court case.

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