Barack Obama effigy found hanging in Jimmy Carter's home town

The effigy, with a rope around its neck, was placed in front of a red, white and blue sign that said: "Plains, Georgia. Home of Jimmy Carter, our 39th President" in the town's Main Street on Friday night.

It was removed by police on Saturday morning and local media said few people saw it before it was taken down.The incident has caused disquiet in the small rural town. Local business owners feared it would give the town a bad name and affect tourism.

"We wish it hadn't happened," said Jan Williams, who manages the Plains Historic Inn on Main Street."It's not the kind of publicity the town of Plains likes," Ms Williams said of the city of about 600.

"Plains is a nice quiet town."However, some residents were not surprised."It's wrong with what they did to Obama but I'm not shocked by it. It's a nice place to live but some people still out there don't like it," Trevor Sims said.

In Washington, Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan confirmed the agency was investigating the case. Mr Donovan said the doll was removed on Saturday. He declined further comment.

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