Obama boost up U.S. export

President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday that he would renew his efforts to renegotiate long-stalled free trade agreement with Panama and Colombia and convince Congress to adopt them.

Obama said that” Ninety-five percent of the world's customers and fastest-growing markets are beyond our borders, So if we want to find new growth streams ... we've got to compete for those new customers” .Obama includes the coordination of trade missions in 24 countries to boost loans to help American exporters; breaking down trade barriers; enforcing trade rules, and promoting international economic cooperation.

Obama highlighted an agreement reached in March to revive the Chinese market to American pork products and to revive Russia to U.S. poultry. Combined, the two steps are worth more than $1 billion to American businesses Obama said the U.S. government is reforming its own restrictions on exports "consistent with our national security interests.

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